Ramsgate’s New Film Festival Nears

Two Cliffs Film FestivalA new film festival in the Royal port of Ramsgate, England – the Two Cliffs Film Festival – runs from 8th to 15th October, 2016.

The Festival aims to bring independent, international film to an area that does not often receive it, and bring international attention and tourism to the area to help benefit the local community.

The festival will screen independent films from around the world, host VIP evenings, seminars, a film fair and a 24-hour film competition.

The Two Cliffs Film Festival


Watching films releases natural painkiller

BBCThe BBC reports that watching films releases a natural painkiller. According to experiments by an Oxford University team, tragic films and other dramatic works trigger a rush of feel-good endorphins, and suggest in the Royal Society’s Open Sciences journal that the natural painkiller helps us bond with the people around us, and that our affinity for emotive fiction may have evolved in the context of cohesion of social groups, as the endorphin effect has also been seen in comedy, singing and dancing.


Film studio entrepreneur is ‘finished with Thanet’

KentOnlineFilm studio entrepreneur is ‘finished with Thanet’ after proposed £125 million film and TV complex on former Manston Airport site flops. Kent Online reports that Thanet has been dramatically cut from film studio plans because of “a lack of interest from Thanet councillors”, says the entrepreneur behind the scheme.

Chairman and managing director of Wessex Studios Corporation, John Hunter, had proposed to build a £125 million film and TV complex on the former Manston Airport site. He says the flagship plans, which had been suggested could create more than 2,000 jobs, were ditched because only one councillor replied to his project submission, telling him it was a good idea. Speaking to Thanet Extra he said: “I emailed every councillor in June last year but only one replied to me”.

Margate resident and former Green Party general election candidate Ed Targett said “Someone proposes a £150 million project in an area of high deprivation and just one councillor writes back? Words fail me.”

Kent Online Article


Script Table-Reading Sessions

Kent Film-MakersThe Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival is planning a series of warm-up events in the build up to the festival.

In July this year, Kent Film-makers will host a script table-reading session in Ramsgate, Kent (location and timing details to follow soon).

A table-reading is a natural progression for both script development and relationship development.

Script table-readings can help writers to improve their scripts, detect sluggish areas, hear awkward points in dialogue, and to receive valuable advice and suggestions from actors. Actors have opportunities to practice and experiment with script reading approaches, and work with a variety of writers and styles. Everyone can benefit from building lasting relationships with actors, writers, directors, producers and all film-making crew.

Please submit scripts (a short or a short section of a feature, 15 pages maximum). Three scripts will be selected to be read by actors. SUBMIT SCRIPTS for consideration in PDF format to script@thescreenplay.co.uk. NOTE: Scripts will only be seen by the selection commitee for the purposes of selection for the table-reading, and once the selection process has completed, writers will be informed of the selection results and agreement sought for subsequent distribution to the actors involved in the table-readings. The organisers of the table-reading will have no rights over the writers works.

Please take part in script reading sessions, provide feedback to the writers, and network with film-makers. CONFIRM your interest with an email with a few brief details about you to script@thescreenplay.co.uk.

Until script selection has completed, casting requirements will not be known (e.g. number of characters, characters’ gender, age, etc.), but efforts will be made to engage with all actors, and all film-makers will benefit from the networking.

All Film-makers are welcome to attend the readings.

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival


BFI Roadshows 2016

BFI British Film InstituteThe BFI is hosting a series of nine roadshows across the UK this summer and launching an online consultation to help set its strategy for 2017-22.

It is inviting writers to submit views and become part of the debate on the future of film in this country.

Each roadshow will include a general panel and audience discussion centred on the key themes, writers’ priorities and how they want the BFI to make a difference.

Roadshow dates and venues:

• 16 June: Edinburgh (The Caledonian)
• 27 June: Belfast (Titanic)
• 28 June: Manchester (HOME)
• 29 June: Leeds (Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University)
• 30 June: Newcastle (Tyneside Cinema)
• 5 July: London (BFI Southbank)
• 7 July: Birmingham (mac)
• 11 July: Bristol (Watershed)
• 12 July: Cardiff (Chapter)

More information and bookings.

The consultation period will run online from 16 June to 8 September 2016. Visit bfi.org.uk to add your views online.


The 1st Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival 23-26 March 2017

Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival

The 1st Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival 23-26 March 2017

The first Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival will be held in Ramsgate, Kent, during 23-26 March 2017, with its stunning Royal Harbour, unique in England. It is run by the Ramsgate Film & TV Institute, which will also run a variety of screenings throughout the year to bring international independent cinema to local audiences.

The Festival focus is to show new works and help promote film makers. Screenings are complemented by a strong programme of quality events and seminars, with industry professionals of high reputation.

Patron and Jury Member Brenda Blethyn

Patron and Jury Member Brenda Blethyn

No film in competition will screen by invitation. All screenings are chosen by the Selection Committee, which is composed of a panel of industry professionals and local residents.

To add to the experience, festival goers will have the opportunity to explore the area rich in culture, maritime heritage and historic and modern architecture and enjoy its waterside and cafés.

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival


Survey – Parents and Carers working in film and TV

The Writers Guild of Great BritainLine Langebek, co-chair of the Writer’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) film committee, is urging screenwriters to take part in a WGGB Survey, launched last month as part of the BFI International Women’s Day, to gather data and information about what would help parents and carers working in film and TV. The survey, which closes in May, is the initiative of campaigning group Raising Films.

Take part in the WGGB Survey.


Film4 record funding

Film4Film4 funding for 2016 has increased to a record £25m (from £15m). David Abraham (Channel 4 Chief Executive ) and David Kosse (Director of Film4 ) announced Film4’s commitment to film with the significantly increased budget, which they hope to maintain in subsequent years. Film 4 also annouced major new deals with Fox Searchlight and FP Films.

Film4 will be backing new work from Lenny Abrahamson, Yorgos Lanthimos, Andrew Haigh, Steve McQueen, Clio Barnard, Bart Layton, Mike Leigh and Chris Morris. A record 22 BAFTA and 15 Oscar nominations were Film4-backed films, such as Room, Carol, Ex Machina, 45 Years, Amy, The Lobster and Second Coming.